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    2016 F-150 Build

    Sorry just swa this! My level is a 2" supreme suspension kit, the stock tires are the f150 are worthless I agree! Love the Nittos so far, these are a hair over 34" I believe.
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    2016 F-150 Build

    Got to go camping this weekend for the first time with the new set up. Love it, really enjoyed being off the ground and looking forward to a summer full of camping.
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    Options for carrying a RTT in truck bed

    I bought a rack from "hot metal fab" its universal rack and only $300, comes bare metal so you can leave it as is or have it painted. I had mine powdercoated locally.
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    Ruby with Awning :)

    Looking good! I’m strongly thinking about getting that awning for my truck as well. Thanks again for selling my the RTT!
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    What is the one vehicle you regret selling?

    It's a motorcycle for me, I really regret getting rid of my Triumph Explorer
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Got my Tuff Stuff RTT installed
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    Rig Photos

    A few shots of my F150 rig.
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    2016 F-150 Build

    Good day, got to meet another member off the forums and purchase his Tuff Stuff tent from him. Mounted it up and could not be happier.
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    Land Rover LR4 Build Thread -JayMac “codename EX1”

    Great looking rig, I have a soft spot for LR4's and would still like to own one someday.
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    2018 Ram Rebel Overland Build

    Great looking truck, I am running the ridge grapplers on my F150 and love them.
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    Rig Photos

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    Thanks!!! Planning quite a bit of camping trips this summer so looking forward to getting good use out of it
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    Snagged a deal from a forum member on a tuff stuff tent, headed Saturday to pick it up in western Iowa. Got my bed rack back from powdercoating just in time for the tent.
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    2016 F-150 Build

    Just snagged a Tuff Stuff Ranger RTT from the classifieds section on here. Just so happens we live in the same state. Headed Saturday to pick it up.
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    SOLD Tuff Stuff RTT

    Sent you a message