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    New England Area Trail Rides / Car Camping

    thats cool to see another member from my area on here. haha.
  2. K

    New Guy

    Hello welcome to the Overland Bound community. Nice to see another person from the east coast.
  3. K

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

  4. K

    Let’s talk Coolers:

    Thats so awesome to hear!!! I plan on abusing mine for many years to come hahahaha.
  5. K

    Who carrys a firearm with them while camping?

    I live in the north east coast. I carry every day, smith and wesson shield 40 caliber. I also use the aliengear holster system as it allows me to pull my gun and half the holster off and lock it into a mount i have in my crosstrek. I also have a gun box in my car to secure it. But to each there...
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    US East Central New Hampshire Rigs and Brew

    active group over here in New Hampshire!!!
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    Let’s talk Coolers:

    Yeah i've heard great things about lifetime coolers. Rtic coolers are great as well for the money. Personally im running an otterbox 45quart cooler and love it. Than i have a smaller cooler also for drinks.
  8. K

    Overland Bound Emblems!

    My emblems just showed up!!! So exciting and they are high quality, look amazing!!!
  9. K

    Beta 0.9.0 Release Notes

    That's awesome I'm loving the current build and the ability to talk to everyone without logging into the website
  10. K

    Overland Bound Emblems!

    Awesome!!! I can't wait to get my email for shipment
  11. K

    Overland Bound Emblems!

    Will they send you an email when they ship out the emblems? Are they made to order or in a batch? Hoping they get sent out at some point
  12. K

    Nissan Frontier serpentine belt tensioner issues

    Dang that's crazy. Wonder if there are different parts numbers for a superseded updated tensioner. I'm praying for you ❤️❤️❤️
  13. K

    Nissan Frontier serpentine belt tensioner issues

    I would say twice in 35k is excessive. Did you do oem or aftermarket? It's hard without me looking your rig over but that does seem odd. Although a few people on here seem to have an issue like yours. Leads me to believe an issue in manufacturing
  14. K

    Massachusetts Sound Off!

    I'm also new to the forums to hello all! Very exciting. My family spends a lot of time camping. Haven't really gotten much into overlanding yet.
  15. K

    Massachusetts Sound Off!

    I'm about 20 minutes from Springfield.