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  1. John Bishop

    Overland Expo East

    I stopped by the 4Wheel Camper area and asked Brad from Trail Recon the same question. He said the Mt expo was about double and West was triple the size of east.
  2. John Bishop

    FOR SALE SW Virginia - Snomaster 42 Fridge - $500

    Bad timing on my part. lol. I picked up a fridge this weekend at the expo. I’m interested in the slide, though. How much and can you post a pic or two? Where in VA are you located?
  3. John Bishop

    VA and West VA

    Nice. We did a nice quiet ( and dark lol ) night at a spot off the Blue Ridge Pkwy Sun night after the expo.
  4. John Bishop

    Overland Expo East 2021

    I’m just very happy that it gave up the ghost at an interstate rest stop and not out in the middle of nowhere AND that the dealership was able to work on it that afternoon.
  5. John Bishop

    West Virginia Members

    I don’t know of any, but the NF interactive map is a great resource for planning trips.
  6. John Bishop

    Overland Expo East 2021

    We were the last arriving they let in Friday eve for camping. What should have been a 3 hr drive turned into a 10 hr adventure when the Jeep had to be towed to a dealership in Harrisonburg for a clutch slave cylinder failure. Because we arrived late, there was no one really to direct us where...
  7. John Bishop

    Facebook is down???? My step daughter calls me in a panic!

    I call it fecesbook. Its killed off a more than a few good forums as our adhd attention spans grow bigger appetites for that instant gratification. Social media is the demise of our civilization.
  8. John Bishop

    Campground recommendations for Delaware/ MD beach areas

    Thank you for the input. We were there Sunday and checked out the campground. It did look like a nice campgroun, as far as campgrounds go. We had also looked at Seashore park. It looked like it would be miserable. No shade and packed in like sardines.
  9. John Bishop

    Campground recommendations for Delaware/ MD beach areas

    It’s quite possible my wife and I will be wanting to camp near the beach in the next week or two, so I’m looking for recommendations for campgrounds, or places from which to stay away. We use a Jeep jk with an Ursa Minor. Not looking to camp right on the beach because of wind, so Assateague is...
  10. John Bishop

    Moving to the area...need some help

    The Nat Forest interactive map is a good place to start, if you’re not already familiar with it. There’s also the MABDR. Some of the route is paved back roads, some more technical…...
  11. John Bishop

    US East Western Virginia Monthly Meetup

    He probably washed it with Red Bull…..:fearscream: :tearsofjoy:
  12. John Bishop

    Purple lizard

    REI carries them. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bass Pro and Cabellas does too. I just ordered the Cooks Forest one last night off the website. I procrastinated and missed the Labor Day sale….:disappointed:
  13. John Bishop

    Show me a Road Sign.....really any sign...

    A couple of weeks ago, I made a small, simple, yet obsolete part for a table saw for one of the maintenance electricians at work. To show me his appreciation, he had his daughter make this sign for me. It made me chuckle. :tearsofjoy:
  14. John Bishop

    Overland/Camp/Hike near Cacapon Lake,WVA.

    I failed to mention that Sleepy Creek WMA is not far from Cacapon. It has 75 primitive campsites. Don’t think alcohol is allowed, though. There are some off road trails that are open during hunting seasons, but unfortunately most of the...
  15. John Bishop

    Minimum clearance

    How much storage does an Abrams tank have? If the barrel is removed, can a rtt be readily fitted without impeding turret acces? I almost posted this response yesterday, but didn’t want to come across as an a$$! My filter is broken today. lol