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  1. J

    Our Journey to Moab

    This looks like a great trip. I am from the Bay Area as well. Can you share the detail routes you took form Bay Area to Moab? I would like to make this trip some day. Thanks, Julian
  2. J

    FOR SALE Land Rover LR4 Black Double Spoke 20" Wheels (set of 5)

    A set of (5) 20"x8.5" Land Rover OEM black double spoke wheels. Very sharp looking wheels. One wheel has OEM tire mounted. Cash only. No cashier check, bank deposit, wire transfer, money order please. Wheels are in San Jose, CA. Local pick up only. No shipping. $850 If interested, please...
  3. J

    FOR SALE 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Bay Area, CA

    I am helping a friend sell his FJ Cruiser. It has about 100k miles, it looks to be stock. It is in very clean and excellent conditional. The only visible mod is aftermarket wheels. It is blue with black cloth interior. He bought it just a month ago, but his off-road plan changed and he...
  4. J

    FOR SALE San Jose, CA: Land Rover LR4 parts and accessories

    The following items were taken off my 2013 LR4 with black package when I changed wheels and installed a roof rack. They have been sitting in the garage for too long, time to clear them out. - A set of 5 20"x8.5" black double spoke wheels. Very sharp looking wheels. Have some road rashes and...
  5. J


    Hi Overlanders, Location: San Jose, CA Rig: Still looking for one Experience: the beginest (if there is such a word) of beginner More about me: I took my Chevy Volt to the dealership for maintenance and saw a Jeep Wrangler on the lot, so I test drove it. It was a pleasant drive, not at all...