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    Garmin Overlander $200 Rebate FYI

    I just looked at the Garmin Website and saw that they're having a $200 rebate promotion right now that run through MAY 31 2021.... Submissions must be post marked by JULY 1, 2021.
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    Garmin Overlander

    I think, as a very new "overlander" this will be worth the expense for the reasons stated by mep1811. I just hope it wont be obsolete before I get good use out of it!
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    Maiden Overlanding Voyage

    Team4M thanks! Alpine Loop, Check. I appreciate your time and advice.
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    Maiden Overlanding Voyage

    Ragman, whats up neighbor?! I pedal up the Fox often. Yeah, Not necessarily trying to spend much time IN THE PARKS, but around them. I guess reaching out to locals makes sense, more learning to do! I might head to AZ, but I got a buddy rafting the South Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, so I...
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    What kind of overlanding do you do?

    I just retired from coaching football after 25 years, and 40 years involved in the game. I will be doing my first long term "overlanding trip" from Chicago to CO/UT at the end of this month and will be gone for a month-ish. I used to camp often until "life" got in the way (work/family), I am a...
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    Maiden Overlanding Voyage

    THANK YOU! YES, this will 100% be a learning experience for me. I will make lots of mistakes and do it better the next time. I just retired from coaching football so that I can do THIS MORE. 40 years in the game is long enough! I was worried that the original post sounded like I was looking...
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    Maiden Overlanding Voyage

    Maiden Voyage from Chicago to CO/UT... Looking for ANY ADVICE you are willing to offer for when I do my 1st long term “Overlanding” trip. I will be solo for much of it. I have decades of experience camping but not quality time off road, so I am looking for basic trails (to moderate) with...
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    Colorado mountain passes

    yes I realize time of the year plays a big role... I'm solo and free until August so I should be good lol!
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    Colorado mountain passes

    Original poster, I will also be in the area first week in a June, had similar thoughts. I am not modified enough for extreme but hope to some moderate trails... Stony Pass, Kendall Mtn, Corkscrew Gulch etc
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    Long story, but I am on here 2x's... I'll be using this account, so I cut and pasted from my introduction a few days ago. Hey everyone! Been watching on YouTube, didn’t realize how in depth this site was, but impressed and glad I’m here now! I am a noob to “overlanding” but not to basic vehicle...