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    US Southeast Turkey Trot Weekend - DBBB

    Made it to camp, anybody got an ETA
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    Cancelled SUNDAY FUNDAY

    The Badlands Off Road Park is 1400+ acres of multi-directional, diverse terrain including sand dunes, wooded trails, gravel, streams, mud, and rocks. They have trails and terrain that can challenge the most experienced riders & drivers and they have trails perfect for the casual drivers and the...
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    Indiana Members, check in here.

    Hello everyone, I'm on the hunt for next trail. If you have any map coordinates that you'd like to share I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    Brand new to the 4x4 Lifestyle. Looking to network with my local Overland community, in the middle of FlatLand Indiana.(20 minutes north of Indianapolis) Cutting fields and running fence lines is about the only overlanding I've seen. I want to cut my teeth on some of the easier things the...