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I'm an professional photographer specializing in Adventure Landscape Photography. What is that you ask? Well, I travel to beautiful places through the use of my Jeep, Subaru, kayak, canoe, mountain bike, I'll climb to heights and hike for days. I take every measure, within the realms of Leave No Trace, to get unique and creative photography to share with the world through my website, publications and prints I sell at art festivals.

Live is better exploring the less known.
May 31, 1982 (Age: 37)
Guelph, ON, Canada
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Vehicle Information
2004 Jeep TJ Custom Build (4" lift, long arm, tube fenders, 37" tires, ARB air lockers, F9 axles, etc). Known as Ansel

2018 Subaru Outback (Thule Canyon roof cage, Thule Hull-a-Port XT, etc)
Professional Photographer
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