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    US West Bakersfield Meet Up

    I'll try to make it and meet others in OB.
  2. Inthewoods

    Show off your campsite

    Here's some of this year's camping from recent to the snow in February Still time left in the year for more camping.
  3. Inthewoods

    Central Valley/Central CA Roll Call! Where you from?

    Timber, welcome to OB. You will find some good people here.
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    Adventures INTHEWOODS

    Ok I set a date to go to Monache Meadows again. It's November 1st to the 3rd trying to get in before they close the gate. Anyone wanting to tag along is welcome too, just remembered you need 4x4, some clearance, and all supplies for the time out there including fuel. If you look on the Bigfoot...
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    Monache Meadows

    If you felt that earthquake on July 5th it was strong up there at Monache Meadows. I was at the Riverside campground when it hit. I spent 3 days up there and heading back up on November 1-3 before they close the gate. Cool video I'm just learning how to YouTube video .
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    US West Clovis-Fresno-Central Valley, CA Meetup - Saturday July 20th 10am - Reoccurring Meetup

    Thinking late as usual, we should have taken a picture and members and their rigs at the meeting. They had nice rigs.
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    Adventures INTHEWOODS

    Ok I haven't went camping yet. I am having transmission problem and try to pin it down. Have no 1st. 2nd. & 5th. When I get back on the road I will be looking for more primitive campsite. There just not a lot around where I am so I will have to drive farther to some.
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    Clovis/Fresno Meetup

    Sounds good
  9. Inthewoods

    Central Valley, CA Meetup?

    Sounds good
  10. Inthewoods

    Clovis/Fresno Meetup

    20th. That way we can still hit The hills after the meeting
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    Adventures INTHEWOODS

    Ok accidentally hit the post button. The nights got down to 34, 36, and 38 and days in the low 80's. I go to Monache Meadows every year and going again the 1st weekend of November. About a mile on Sherman pass from the Johnson bridge was this washout taking half the road. We got camp set up for...
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    Adventures INTHEWOODS

    6-7-19 I just got home from Monache Meadows. I left in 6-4-19 and it was relaxing the weather was nice. 34'
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    Adventures INTHEWOODS

    Now either my truck is getting smaller or it's time for a roof rack.
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    Adventures INTHEWOODS

    6-29-19 I went to a small campground called Atwell above Visalia which only had 25 sites at about 6.5 - 7k elevation. The evening was nice. There was a trail that cars would come up and hike. The road to this spot is about 19 miles of windy road about one and half wide or less in some spots...
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    Adventures INTHEWOODS

    Everybody needs a little bacon in breakfast I thought this was cool. My Dodge and Overland Bound emblem INTHEWOODS with the reflection of the woods. Cool.