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I have been over landing the better part of 21 years. I started off in a 1985 Subaru GL wagon had several vehicles in between and have ended up with my current ride which is a Subaru Brat. I have been to several countries and 38 states total. I enjoy all types of camping, adventure, and geography. Most of my time is spent in the deserts of southern California as that is where I currently live. I run the San Diego FB group Mountain Roo (Off road Subaru club), and am a Subaru Ambassador as well.

iluvdrt_OZ on IG
Dec 3, 1980 (Age: 40)
Oceanside, Ca
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1982 Subaru Brat. 4" lift, EJ22 engine conversion, 5 speed dual range transmission, Method Race wheels, Original Brat Snugtop, BFG AT's, lots of other stuff.
Aviation Logistics Specialist
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82 Subaru Brat Overland Redneck Edition
Full Time Overlander




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