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  1. H

    water tank? Anyone using a rather large water tank on their DIY built trailer?

    I have the same tank in my m416 (mine has a top on it) and insulated the tank with rigid foam and then put a 12v RV tank heating pad under it. Runs off the trailer batteries and keeps it from freezing at night.
  2. H

    "Nanuuq" my Land Rover Discovery 2, ...forever a project!

    I can't decide if I love or hate mine, but either way I'm glad it's not another Jeep. Kudos to you for putting in the work and making something with some character!
  3. H

    "Nanuuq" my Land Rover Discovery 2, ...forever a project!

    Awesome build, I think every disco owner wishes they could ditch the rover engine and do something like this. If I ever spot your rig in the UP I'm definitely giving you a beer.