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South African born Aussie, I love the outdoors and overlanding at every possible opportunity.

Working in Saudi Arabia, we camp and explore as long as the weather allows, and then spend long summers exploring the US or South Africa.

To this purpose I currently have two "overland-capable" vehicles. A Prado is Saudi and a Lexus GX470 in the US.

This summer Im doing the Continental Divide (solo) from south to north and back again.

The ultimate goal is to drive the Prado from Saudi to Cape Town, South Africa and back, down the east coast of the continent and back up the west coast before crossing over back to the middle east.

I ascribe 100% to the founding principles of this community and enjoy the comradery and knowledge sharing.

See you out there...!
Apr 26, 1969 (Age: 50)
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Saudi: 2015 Prado 150
US: 2004 Lexus GX470
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