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Recent content by hankmardukas

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  1. hankmardukas

    Spare Tire Mounts & Front Grill Guard - 2015 Forester

    I am looking into getting a spare tire mount and front grill guard for my 2015 Subaru Forester. I have been looking at mounts from these three companies: Rigid Supply - RIGd UltraSwing™ Hitch Carrier Multi-Fit Rigid Armor - Subaru Forester Hybrid Swing Out — Rigid Armor WilcoOffroad -...
  2. hankmardukas


    Hello All, I recently purchased a subaru forester and plan to continue fitting it out for many adventures to come. Currently I have added a 2" lift with all terrains. I am planning to add a rear tire hitch mount, a roof box or cargo rack and will be building a small sleeping and storage...