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A man on a mission to explore the great outdoors, hey there everyone you can call me Esco, i joined overland bound a few years back because i love the concept of being outdoors and spending more time in mother nature. I picked up a 2015 Toyota tacoma mostly for work but also with the intentions to explore and camp. My goal is to make my mobile unit a self sufficient rig. I love being in remote areas, knowing my equipment is well tested and built for the climate/situation i will be using it for. Still learning, most of the additions i have made to my Taco have been mostly done by myself or research that i have come across. Always open to new ideas, concepts, models, and systems. Hope to meet some more members and always willing to lend a hand.

#2590 HEA!
take care folks. :sunglasses:
Port Washington, NY, USA
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East US
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2015 Toyota Tacoma Sport 4x4 Double Cab/Long Bed.
Robotics field tech. Natural gas op.
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