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Endeavor Overland was created with the mission to share our adventures, adventures of others, experiences and most importantly lessons learned while participating in this newest lifestyle trend called overlanding.

Jacob works as a Human Resources Professional for a large manufacturing company in Dallas, Texas and also is a freelance photographer which means most all of the images on our site are captured by him.

Taylor works as an Accessories Manager for the auto industry which allows him to stay up to date on all things automotive related, especially parts and accessories. He plays a large role in the building of our overland rig.

Our home base is in Irving, Texas and together we have one simple goal – get out and explore the great outdoors and push ourselves as far as we can off the grid to learn to be self-sufficient along with sharing our experiences as a resource for others who are interested in overlanding and what it has to offer. We are not experts and gaining our experience by getting out there, guidance from fellow overlanders and lessons learned while on trips.

Everyone knows what camping is and it has become ever so popular especially among the millennials in recent years and I would say that is due to the positive health impact that getting outdoors has on your body and mind. Overlanding just isn’t camping but it is a big part of it. Our take on what overlanding basically boils down to a style of travel in which the importance is placed on the actual journey rather than the destination itself. The means of transportation typically involves an off-road capable vehicle in which allows you to take the road less traveled. These trips typically are multi-day camping trips that take you off the grid with the more adventurous overlanders spending months at a time away from civilization
Sep 27, 1990 (Age: 30)
Golden, CO, USA
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