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    Any info on Zroadz bed racks

    Does anyone have knowledge of zroadz bed racks? Are they strong, durable, worth the extra costs? I’m specifically looking at the zroadz with three lift gates but have no place to actuall look at or feel the build quality. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
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    New from San Diego

    Thanks! We will hopefully be getting our rack and gear over the next couple months and then setting out so I would love input on where to go.
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    What mileage did you purchase your rig?

    Ours had 40 miles on it.
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    New from San Diego

    Hey everyone, just joined today. Currently living in San Diego and looking forward to this groups knowledge base for trails and events. My wife and I just bought a 2021 Gladiator Mojave so we will be looking to get it set up and off the pavement soon.
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    Good afternoon everyone, I’m Jeremy. I just joined the group today, looking forward to all of the resources that it provides. My wife, Shari, and just purchased a 2021Jeep Galdiator Mojave that we are going to set up over the next few months. We have done overlanding, just a long time ago and...