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Not much to know about me, haha I'm me no more no less and am pretty straight forward. No time for "grey area's".
I am a Wife and Mother 5 beautiful kiddos that aren't so little any more, a Veteran, Currently a First Responder that does Dive Recovery, Fire, Search and Rescue. A Survivor and Histio Warrior (Adult Multi-system Langerhauns Cell Histiocytosis) rare disease that only effects 1 in 3 million supposed to be terminal but I'm way too feisty for that crap. I live Everyday to the fullest and I also happen to be Deaf.
I hope to learn as much as possible and pass on any lessons I may know that might help anyone.
February 25
Avondale, Colorado
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Vehicle Year Make Model
2012 Dodge Ram 1500
I know I am loving every minute I spend in it because it is taking me and my family on many new adventures off pavement!
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