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    Still have plenty of room left for more adventures. Plus I add a couple things that I either use or am part of. Anyone stand out to you?
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    Lets see some trail photos!

    Some random roads in Canada a while back
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    nice new 4runner, i'm going to scratch the hell out of the sides, sad,,,,solutions

    I can't blame the OP.... I love the look of a used/beat up vehicle that has been on multiple adventures.....but.... that vehicle probably has all the paint dulled and or coming off.....i can't picture actively going out to ruin the paint because of branches and such.... I kinda like the clean...
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    nice new 4runner, i'm going to scratch the hell out of the sides, sad,,,,solutions

    So this will take some time and not the best option if you want to do trails often....but..... I've seen it so a person uses Plasti-Dip on the common areas and once it dries, applies skate board tape on top of the Plasti-Dip. They go out on trails, get up close to some pointy nature stuff, and...
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    Full size rigs There are a good amount of full size rigs here... check out the link. I'd still steer you towards a "Bow Tie" personally, but, to each their own :)
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    Overland Hound

    What breed of dog is this?
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    Tablet vs lap top

    I have both plus a large smart phone. It really depends on what you want to do with the item. For ease of use and quick access, your phone or tablet is the way to go. However, because of their design, they aren't the best for working on business tasks editing. I know some will argue that with...
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    Ratchet / Sockets ...

    I used nothing but Snap-On the whole time in the military. My own personal tool collection was composed of nothing but Craftsman in the past. Now, I've realized that different tool sets for different tasks make life easier. The tool kit I have in my truck is composed of Craftsman, Dewalt...
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    Solar Panel/Chargers

    With technology advancing in this field, what is the best way to go when it comes to solar panels and or chargers? I live in south florida and would like to get something I can use out on the trails or camping but still have handy in the event of hurricanes.
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    Ah, spring. Time to roll down the windows and...

    I had a bee fly into my open driver side window when I was heading to Sanibel Island a couple weeks back.... had my 14 month old daughter and 12 year old stepson in the back.... boy yells out "There is a bee!!" and starts squirming.... luckily I rolled down the window and it got stuck between...
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    flapping tie down ends, some inovative new solutions?

    I use either short velcro straps cinched tight or some duct tape.... i usually roll or fold the excess and put a layer round it.... the weight is usually heavy enough to prevent it from flapping in the wind. Maybe a zip tie depending on how long/heavy
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    Why are you here ?

    The getting away from the daily reality of work and requirements and life.... the becoming one with nature....the living life to the fullest....the adventure.... and every other cliche we can think of.... in the end... because its peaceful to get away from the day to day grind of reality and...
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    Windshield Pics...

    Is that the bridge from First Blood??!!
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    Post pictures of your camp kitchen

    I see so many folks with these tables.... what company are they from? They must be good if so many people use them.
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    What boots do members wear

    Merrell boots have always worked for me. I like their Mid and Low designs. I haven't tried the High-tops yet though but I have always heard good things. Throughout my time in the military, I also wore Matterhorn boots.... very comfortable after broken in and the leather is very forgiving (if you...