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    Portable Jump Pack?

    I’ve got the same one. It’s a truly amazing little device. I couldn’t believe how easily it fired up my buddy’s 6.7 Cummins.
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    Anyone have a BedSlide or similar?

    I’ve got one in my Tundra. Can’t imagine ever having another canopy without a slide. I use it all the time to keep me from crawling to the front...
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    Too Young to Wheel?

    Met this little guy this week last year at the King of the Hammers. Nice kid. Great attitude, and cool as a cucumber in the seat.
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    Dual batteries for daily driver

    If it fits, it ships!!! Daily driver Tundra, and mild camping rig. I wanted dual batteries to support a fridge, and very little more. I don’t have any lights or other power hogs, so I think this should suffice. I’ll rarely be parked in one spot for more than two days, but don’t want the...
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    US Northwest WTB: CVT Mt Denali EV Summit RTT

    I was headed through Bend on Friday and stopped in at CVT to see some specific models. I had a line on a used tent not far from there, and the price was good on it. After spending a bit of time with Bobby (CVT owner), I had a smokin’ deal on a new tent. Same size as the used one I was...