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  1. bubbadangelo

    Homemade road showers

    Hey guys! I am looking into building a road shower to mount on my Tacoma. Was hoping I could see some of your setups. Also, how do you get a decent water pressure? Any tips/ideas are appreciated!
  2. bubbadangelo

    One night gear test

    Are you building your own batwing or purchasing one? Either way I’d like to see your setup when finished.
  3. bubbadangelo

    One night gear test

    The big thing I learned is placement for the batwing. I had it sitting too far back and water would run off and go into the bed. Not ideal when that is where we were sleeping. I also decided that an awning extension/wall would be a good investment since we camp with our dogs. It would give them...
  4. bubbadangelo

    One night gear test

    Thanks! It’s still a work in progress but a damn great start!
  5. bubbadangelo

    One night gear test

    Went out near Trillium Lake to test out the new batwing. Also wanted to see how we would hold up in cold rainy conditions. I must say it was a great time and learned a lot!
  6. bubbadangelo

    Good Starter Book with Trail Rating / Descriptions?

    Hey there! I am in SW Washington also. I am new to the area. Do you have any trails that you would recommend possibly with some spots for camping?
  7. bubbadangelo


    Name: Bubba D’Angelo Location: Vancouver, WA for now. Changes frequently as I am a travel nurse. Based out of north Louisiana. Rig: 2021 Toyota Tacoma Off-road Overland experience: Novice Why overlanding: My fiancé and I are big on getting outdoors. Love going deep in the woods and camping...