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    Solar Panel Open Discussion/Debate/Review

    I used this 10 gauge wire I found on Amazon for my 100W panel to my GZ battery. I really like this wire because it is flexible. I made two 25ft sections. There was some question on the reviews about it being true 10g or not. A 30A Anderson connector does not want to crimp on it so I am going...
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    New Fridge, got it under $275

    Excellent! As it had no power at all I was guessing it would be a somewhat simple fix. Congratulations!
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    Flexopower Lithium444 Setup Open Discussion/Questions

    If they have a known problem with the LEDs they should be taking care of you. You may want to mention you have seen they are having problems on several forums and you would prefer to post about the great support instead of the lack of support. :laughing:
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    Flexopower Lithium444 Setup Open Discussion/Questions

    That is unfortunate about the fridge. Although since it won't power on at all, it sounds like it might be an easier fix than having to diagnose why it won't get cold. I assume you tried replacing the fuse. I believe the Smitty Bilt fridge is the same as the Costway fridge. Searching the web...
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    Ordered my Flexopower Lithium444

    BrianP, I reread your post. I see you cannot get it to charge via 12V. I was thinking you couldn't get the fridge running off it. I assume you checked the fuse in the Flexpower's 12V plug already. Maybe your cable is bad.
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    Ordered my Flexopower Lithium444

    Have you tried another 12V plug in the receptacle to make sure it is working? You could also use a DVM to check to see if it is outputting 12V. I know on my Goal Zero the 12V receptacle was not compatible with the ARB 12V cable. Other 12V items worked, however. The receptacle was just a...
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    Chicken Fajitas the Tijua Indian way

    Sounds great. Although I might take the liberty of adding Cilantro :laughing: I love tacos. I recently started watching the Taco Chronicles on Netflix. It is a good watch if you like tacos. Although it is in Spanish with subtitles. Each 30 min episode is devoted to one style of taco...
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    Anyone Name Their Overwatering Rig?

    We are thinking about naming our future overwater vessel "Elan". We let this Nordhavn get away as retirement is still a few years away for us but a similar boat is in our future. We will start liquidating possessions in the next couple of years so we can throw off the lines and start a new...
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    Big Bear, CA labor day weekend dispersed campsites?

    As long as the stove has a shutoff (ie no alcohol stoves) and you have a campfire permit you can use the stove in dispersed camping.
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    F-150 vs F-250 (or F-350) off-road capability

    Since the truck is not too different dimensionally aside from weight you will not lose a lot of capability if set up right. Carli suspension has kits for the 250s that make them very agile. What you do gain is stronger running gear, bigger brakes, more torque, and more power which will come in...
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    Big Bear, CA labor day weekend dispersed campsites?

    Keep in mind that even Yellow Post sites are very often under burn restrictions. There is a difference between a "Developed Recreational" site and a Yellow Post site. Developed recreational sites are basically campgrounds. Make sure to have a California campfire permit even if you are just...
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    Solar Panel Open Discussion/Debate/Review

    I like the idea of not mounting the solar to your truck. I like to park in the shade and have my panels in the sun. I could have saved about $20 dollars on my Renogy Eclipse folding panel by buying it without the controller. I have an MPPT controller on my solar generator already, but I...
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    A hammock is my preferred sleeping arrangement whether I am backpacking or camping out of my vehicle. My tents usually only get used at festivals and for desert camping. My wife says I have a hammock problem and she hasn't even seen a couple. :laughing: AMOK Draumr XL Hammeck Envy-S...
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    Help me slim down my gear. Jeep JL storage issues

    @Brewbud - I am looking into the down sleeping bags and doing research but i havent yet pulled the trigger on anything. Any recommendations? In terms of a shovel mount i have to think of some options in regards to that to get it out of the way. The tarp is for ground for the tent. I am picking...
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    This Thing Is HUGE!

    I have used mine to haul firewood to the camp and trash back. I like the large size.