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Recent content by Arcane Tempest

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  1. Arcane Tempest

    2008 Dodge Dakota

    I’m looking to buy a 2008 Dodge Dakota Laramie. How can I keep the bed dry for gear and not kill my gas mileage? This will be my first truck.
  2. Arcane Tempest

    Allegan Forest/Yankee Springs Overnight & Meetup

    I am RyanC's passneger. I will have a tent that is large enough to sit a small group if the weather turns.
  3. Arcane Tempest

    Greetings from the Detroit Metro

    Hello fellow Overlanders! I have outfitted and am ready to explore. I am looking to expand my knowledge and my circle of friends. I am into bushcrafting as well, and am looking for like-minded people to meet up with for camping and some light bushcrafting in the SE Michigan area.