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  1. Andrew Farnsworth

    Greenville SC light duty trails.

    If you are planning on running the traverse anytime soon be aware of a few different road closures. Here is a link to the closures
  2. Andrew Farnsworth

    Best Camp Chair???

    I have a couple of these Moer sky chairs from amazon and love them. They are inexpensive compared to the other brands of the same style chair and pack very small.
  3. Andrew Farnsworth

    Outfitting Your Land Yacht -A Guide to Building a Strong, Full Size-¾ -1 Ton, Domestic Rig-

    I agree with this 100%. I currently have a full size and trail ride with it very often in the southeast (Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee areas). The key to overlanding or trail riding with a full size, mid size, or even a small size is to know what you and your equipment is capable of, also...
  4. Andrew Farnsworth

    OB Members Map!

    I was having issues with upgrading my account as many others are. Check your junk box for the second email with your member number and activation code. Only that email from OB was sent to my junk box.
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    OB Members Map!

    OB member 16289. Can someone upgrade my account to “Member” so I can access the Map & event calendar.
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Hello everyone, I finally become a member of overland bound I have been thinking about joining for about a year or two now. I am Andrew from just north of atlanta, ga. I currently drive a '03 F250 diesel with a BDS lift, mickey thompson ATZ p3, ARE camper shell, full custom pull out drawer...