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42, married to an awesome woman who gave me two boys. Founder and owner of a soft beverages company. Being a two-faced man, living in daylight surrounded by a lot of wifi connected gadgets in a smart home but not finding sleep at night because overthinking of a simple life, in the wild, with nothing fancy. So every night, the only thing that helps me falling asleep is planning trips in my head, thinking of driving my jeep with my family and our dog and sleeping in a tent. Which i manage to do "in real life" many times a year, even if my trips are in my local area, we can have fantastic tiny adventures. I also have a Yamaha trail bike i load up 2 times a year with my camping gear and do 4 days trips in the forest by ourselves with basically nothing more than willing to ride the trails and laugh around the bonfire at night.
Jun 11, 1976 (Age: 45)
Biarritz, France
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Mid Europe
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Toyota Land Cruiser
lost between hi tech life and primitive needs
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