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  1. meloyellowjr
    Hi, we are looking forward to adventure and fun
  2. Cowboy
    Not all who wander are lost.
  3. kbryan10122
    Got to several people up on A-Mountain in Tucson, Az. It was the first meet and was very impressed. It only gets better from here. O14898.
  5. 307 Expedition
    307 Expedition
    Went to see one of my boys this weekend instead of getting out into the woods. Good to see him and a yummy dinner at Chili’s.
  6. RyuKyuRvr
    RyuKyuRvr Hollingsworth67
    This is Christopher in BFE trying to find someone to fabricate a Bumper for my overlanding Full Sized Range Rover where I can protect the front end and support my comeup 16t winch as well as my off road lights and still have my front camera and proximity sensors in place! You suggested you know who could fabricate such a beast?
  7. Sandpoint Steve
    Sandpoint Steve Hollingsworth67
    Christopher is the other Rover Guy. OB name is RyuKyuRvr
  8. Lance sper
    Lance sper AdventureWithDanan
    Hello from Jacksonville Florida!
  9. #slowlaneJKU
    Just completed our first technical trail ride. Nothing broke, so we got to drive back home. Awesome weekend at Rendezvous in the Ozarks!
  10. Jim SoG
    Jim SoG AZ Explorer
    Not sure if you can see my reply so I reposted it here:

    For sure, would love to do more runs with you! Did you go disco shopping yet?
  11. AZ Explorer
    AZ Explorer Jim SoG
    Hello Jim, great meeting you at OB West, let’s stay in touch and do more trail runs. We spend a bit of time in the Aquarius Mountans just of off I40 and Highway 93. I’ll keep you posted.
    1. Jim SoG
      Jim SoG
      For sure, would love to do more runs with you! Did you go disco shopping yet?
      Oct 21, 2018 at 3:58 PM
  12. AZ Explorer
    AZ Explorer Mark D
    Hello Mark,
    Great meeting you and Sandy at the West gathering. I’ve been crazy busy since returning to PHX. But I did locate a Defender 110 to buy. I’m traveling to Vermont next week to hopefully close the deal.
  13. bushnut
    bushnut Wandering Bison
    Hi, all is well in the East. Working odd jobs and on an organic farm. We have a nice apartment with a spare room should you want to visit. Fredericton is a very nice town where they have brew pubs that you can bring your dog to. So far my mom is doing ok but I’m glade we came out here.
  14. Kent R
    Kent R
    Nope I thought the call was tomorrow, just got back from Shasta from a trail clean up.
  15. Sandpoint Steve
    Sandpoint Steve Kent R
    Did you call in tonight?
  16. BlueRidgeOverland
    Back from PC, FL couple days ago. Being equipped did not prepare mentally seeing home town decimated. Pics to profile.
  17. Kory Joseph
    Kory Joseph
    Just received my badge today! The truck is dirty from riverbed crawling. Behind on the photos, but I should get around to posting tonight!
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  18. Janie
    Headed to Overland Expo East In November! My first one!
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  19. RoadTrip1
    Got the badges affixed to the front fenders of the FJ finally. Looks good to me. Will post pictures when able or figure out how. Ha
  20. 307 Expedition
    307 Expedition
    Nice weather in the forecast. Where shall I go this weekend?