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What is Overland Bound?

So... What's Overland Bound All About?

YOU need adventure and the environment needs positive change. We are a vehicle dependent travel organization that creates social software so you can connect to our worldwide community to share information and resources, and help the environment.

And the Overland Bound emblem is your solid metal, laser etched member card.

How to Get Started

Becoming a part of the Overland Bound global community is simple. Select a Membership package in our store, and then get access to the online tools and community software created to help you get outside. 

Each individual who purchases a Membership + Emblem package will receive a solid metal badge laser etched with their unique member number. This number unlocks the custom online tools and additional resources to help you connect with local and global members to plan meet ups, organize trail runs and clean ups, and share information on our online platform. Overland Rally Point and the dynamic Resource/Member Map are two examples of custom software developed by the Overland Bound team in 2017.

An Overland Bound emblem will not “make” you an overlander and is NOT required to be a Member of our organization. We offer digital memberships, and you always have the option to purchase additional member items with your member number at any point in the future.

No Additional Fees or Dues

There is a one time cost to join and there are no annual or monthly fees. Once you’re in, you’re in. As we continue to add software features to our platform, members will not be charged any additional fees for access. As we grow and build, our Members come along with us.

Additional Benefits

Members also receive exclusive discounts on premium gear and equipment in the Overland Bound store. Pricing on these items is only visible to Members when they log in and is not public. New products and deals are added each month. (That initial fee to join is easily made back with one purchase from our Gear We Use store.)

And most importantly… Create Change & Make a Positive Impact

Overland Bound is committed to growing with the needs of the individual, the community and the environment. Our online forums and regional groups are moderated by a passionate team of ambassadors who help keep the conversation focused on overlanding and away from negativity or distractions. The Overland Bound Team does not build itself up by tearing other people or companies down. Full stop.

Launching February 2018

Trail Clean Up Rally Point

Create a Rally Point to designate trail clean up days and coordinate trash removal efforts. These events can be created by both members and non-members and will broadcast out to the Overland Bound Member and Forum network.

We will continue to give back through programs like ‘Products with Purpose’, ‘Trail Guardian Challenge’, and partnerships with companies and organizations whose focuses are in alignment with our mission. 

Rally Point

Create meet ups, trail runs and trips with Overland Rally Point.

Member Map

Use the Interactive Map to connect locally or reach out to members in an area or region you are planning a trip.

Member Deals

Exclusive pricing on premium overland gear and equipment such as KC HiLites.

<<A Little More About What We Believe>>

Overland Bound Founding Principles

  1. Overlanding is vehicle dependent travel. That’s it. We do not define the activity by rig make, model, or modifications.
  2.  It doesn’t matter what you drive. We are not a Jeep/Toyota/Landrover/etc. community. We know the limits of our vehicles and use common sense to explore safely.
  3. Overlanding is for everyone. All backgrounds, skill sets, experience levels and makes/models are welcome in our community. We do not discuss topics such as politics outside of public land use and conservation, or religion as to not lose focus on the primary purpose of our community. We do not tolerate hate speech or reckless and irresponsible activities. Members can and will be ejected from the community for this behavior.
  4. A connection with nature is paramount. We believe a connection with the great outdoors is a key to living.
  5. Leave it better than you found it. The more people head out for the outdoors, the more educational reinforcement is needed to clean up our trails and preserve public lands. Proper land use and the pack in/pack out policies apply to everyone, and Overland Bound members directly help spread the word and clean up trails.
  6. Be prepared. The trip defines the requirements. It is your responsibility as an individual to properly research and prepare for all scenarios that might be encountered. Do not cause damage to yourself or others through poor decision making. 
  7. Be nice and help each other. That’s what our community is all about. Human kindness is an asset, and no one benefits from ridicule. Do NOT build yourself up by tearing others down. Help or inform instead. Understand trail etiquette and be courteous both on the trail and in camp. 
  8. No barriers to information. Share knowledge openly and pass on what you have learned and where you have gone.
  9.  Humility is essential. No one has all the answers and we all started somewhere. Ask questions when you don’t know the answer, and give guidance when someone asks a question. 
  10. Engage in the smallest of interactions. It’s the small things in life that truly matter, and each positive interaction goes towards creating a more pleasant experience in life.
  11. Have fun. 

Agree with these principles? Missing adventure in your life?

What are you waiting for?

The Overland Bound Team

Founder & Creator/Software Development
Michael Murguia

Co-Founder & Marketing/Business Development/Philanthropy
Corrie Murguia

Operations & Fulfillment
Megin Markely

Member & Customer Support
Jade Shojaee

Content Development
Chris Jones & Owen Lystrup

Creative Contributors
Greg Faillace – Product Design
Jessica Gonzalez – Graphic Design

Barry J Holmes – Photography
Rob MacMullan – Videography

Regional Ambassadors
Jordan Brooks – Midwest US
Danan Coleman – Southeast US
Josh Duncan – Pacific Northwest US
Chris Jones – East US
Ryan Matthes – Ambassador at Large
Kevin McCuiston – Southwest US
Steve Morris – Ambassador at Large
Luis Merlo – Queensland AUS
Russ Peters – Rocky Mountain US
Kevin Titmarsh – UK
Josh Watts – New South Wales AUS

Advisory Board
Mike Hollis
Mike Johnston