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Start Your Overlanding Adventure


We’ll help you find it.

Leave the crowds behind. From casual adventure outings to hard core off grid expeditions, there is a world wide overland community waiting to help you outfit and explore.

Why Join the Overland Bound Community?

Connect. Plan. Go! A connection with nature, exploration, and adventure is necessary. Overland Bound was founded to prepare you for travel beyond the paved road. All skill levels are welcome – from newcomer to globe trotting pro.  Get started for free, or become a Member and take your first step to adventure. Details below.


Connect to a global network of wanderers and adventure seekers to help inspire your next journey. 


Exploring for a weekend? On the road for a year? Find the resources you need to build out your adventure capable vehicle. 


What are you waiting for? Get out there and get going! Explore more and find your adventure. 

Join us! Become an Overland Bound Member, and Get Out There!

Your spare time is valuable. How will you spend it? Our members will get you out there. Take the first step.

There are multiple options to get started – from digital access only to the complete Overland Bound ultimate member kit with your member number laser etched into vehicle grade emblems.

Go all in with our complete Membership kit. Two emblems with your member number + gear.

Two Membership emblems with your member number for those who crave balance.

Full access and a single vehicle emblem with your member number.

All access digital membership.

Membership Benefits

Some of the benefits of joining Overland Bound as a member include:

Resource Map

Interactive map to help you connect with local members, find new trails and other resources specific to overlanding.

Quarterly News

Receive our quarterly digital magazine with the latest industry news, events and happenings in the overland world.

Rally Point

Create local meet ups, plan weekend trail runs or venture out to regions unknown. Our custom planner will help get you there.

Mobile App

The full arsenal of Overland Bound software and resources in one app.
Launching in Q2 2019 for iOS and Android