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Release Notes: Overland Bound Software

05.09.18 – Release Notes


  1. Rally Point Waypoints – now multiple way-points can be added to rally points, each having a place for notes.
  2. Member Map Add Locations: Members can now add locations to the member map. New location types can be added by Administrators.
  3.  Rally Point Announcement – Rollover on RSVP Members shows name. Clicking on name displays the members profile card.
  4. Rally Point Announcement – Print Rally Point info sheet is now formatted to be reader-friendly
  5. Rally Point – Phone number is no longer mandatory
  6. Rally Point – Add an admin to Rally Point so more people can manage and edit the event.
  7. Rally Point – Admins can now download the RSVP member list.
  8. Rally Point – Save Draft Button added so creators can save changes and come back later to finish prior to publishing.
  9. Rally Point Announcement – RSVP Member Display increased to 20 with “See All Going” button added for clarity.


  1. Performance and stability improvements
  2. Recurring Rally Point event issue where calendar dates are incorrect after the passing of the first event
  3. Recurring Rally Point Events not showing in Region drop down list.
  4. Wrong icon showing for Public Rally Points