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Rally Point How-Tos

Overland Bound’s Rally Point is an overland specific event planner. One of the best part’s of being an Overland Bound Member is getting together with other Members for Trips, Training, or Meetups. This is how you do it! On and off-grid features, route uploads, embedded maps, multiple waypoints and limitless event details are necessary when planning for adventure. The ability to generate invites automatically for Members in the area help you to get the word out!

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The main Rally Point menu at the top of the site provides access to all Rally Point Features:

Getting Started

This is a Rally Point Overview and landing page intended for a quick glance. For detailed information an instructions, you are in the right place!

Create Rally Point

Goes directly to the Create Rally Point page.

Upcoming Events

This is where you view other Members events. They are listed in chronological order, soonest first.

My Draft Events

If you save a draft event prior to publishing it, you can access it at this link.

Past Events

Event Archive.


Rally Point Announcements

RSVP and get the details for events in your area.

Once a Rally Point is created, an announcement for the event is created on the website. This is how other Members will find your event and get detailed information.

Event Participant Features

Announcement Header

RSVP to the Event:

In the feature image you will see an RSVP button. This is how you reserve your position for the event and let people know you are coming. This counts against the creators RSVP limit.

Add to Calendar:

You will also see the following buttons:

Google – Add event to your Google Calendar

iCal – Add Event to Calendar

Forums – View and discuss the event in the forums.

Get Detailed information:

Detailed information is available on three announcement tabs. Above the tabs you will find basic information for the event.

Detail Tab

Country, Title, short description.

Region – The overland Bound region for the event

Type – Training, Trips, or Meetups: Meetups are generally tire kicking and coffee/beer, but can be any kind of meetup at one location.

Difficulty – Difficulty intended to be rated for the trail, not the vehicle. Easy = Stock 4×4, Very Hard = Body Damage likely

Terrain – Type of terrain you will encounter.

Recommended equipment – Equipment recommended for the event.

Comms channels – Overland Bound has a variety of comms channels by default. This is the event coordinators preferred method of comms for the event.

Comments – You may leave a comment or ask a question. Each page has attendee comments at the bottom.

Attendees Tab

Event Creator


Rank – an indication of community involvement from I to X.

Events – Number of events they have created.

Member Number – Their Overland Bound Member Number.

Rating – Star Rank based on other members reactions to their activity on the site.

Contact Details – You may contact the coordinator, including phone, or private message.


Attending – Those who have RSVP’d. You may expand their detail card to get more information.

Not Attending – Have stated they cannot attend.

Message Attendees – Send a Message to all who have RSVP’d

Locations Tab

Address and Coordinates

Start Point – The event meet location and position of the first waypoint (in the case of a trip)

GPS Coordinates – Coordinates in decimal degrees. These may be clicked on to locate the position on a map.

Notes – Any special instructions added by the creator.

Files and Viewers

File Downloads – If the event creator has provided a downloadable route, these buttons will be active and you can download them.

Viewers – Event locations may be viewed in Google Earth or Google Maps.

Event Creator Features

From the announcement of your event, there are a number of things you can do as the event creator.

Edit Event Buttons:

Edit Rally Point – Edit all details of your event.

Cancel Event – This will delete the announcement, and mark the associated forum thread as “Cancelled”.

Edit Invites Button:

Just above the Attendees list, you will see an “Edit Invites” button. This will take you back to the invite step of the creation process and allow you to generate new invites. New invitations will only be sent to new invitees who have not previously received an invite.

Create a Rally Point


There are a lot of details for an Overland Meetup. Remember, details will reassure possible attendees that your event will be of high quality, and most importantly, safe! Here are a few quick tips:

  • Provide plenty of notice – Especially for trips, notice is required for attendees to plan for your event. The more notice you give, the more people will be able to attend.
  • Engage in the comments – If people are asking questions, they want to come! Be sure to engage in the comments in your events announcement and the forums.
  • Manage your Member status – People will review your Rank and your Rating to get an idea of who you are and how involved you are within the Overland Bound community. For Details, see the Forum How-Tos

Event Detail

Summary Information:

Once you select “Create Rally Point” from the main menu, you will be presented with the main Rally Point create screen. Fill in the detail completely. Care at this point will show the community this is a high quality event.

Feature Image – upload a feature image for your event. 800X390 is recommended, but anything over 720 wide will work. If you do not upload an image, and default Rally Point image will be used. Its grey and boring.

Event Type – You can select Trip, Meetup, or Training. Trips generally have more than one waypoint. For training, provide your qualifications in the detailed description so people know you are qualified.

Title – Enter your Rally Point Title. This will show on the announcement and as the title of the automatically created forum thread.


Set Location

Rally Point Short Description – This is a short description of the event. This is also used as the description when shared on social media. It should be short, punchy, and engaging.


Main Rally Point Details – This is the area for all Rally Point Details. Be as thorough as possible and provide any special instructions.

Real Name – People may only know you by your online name. Provide your real name so people know what to call you when you meet!

Phone Number: For contact purposes.


Drag Pin

Location: There are three ways to pinpoint the location of your event. This is necessary since some overland event location s are off grid, and have no street address.


Search: Start by entering a location in the search field. If you have an address, this is all you have to do. Once you enter an address or location, you will see a pin on the map.

Drag Pin: If your event takes place at an off grid location, You can drag the pin to the precise location of the event on or off grid. This is usually within a 3 meter accuracy. The GPS Coordinates will be updated when you move the pin.

Enter GPS Coordinates: Alternatively, if you have GPS coordinates, you can enter those coordinates to place the pin.

Add Waypoints: If you are planning a trip, you can add multiple Waypoints by selecting the “Add” button under the previous way point map. The notes section next to additional waypoints is often used to show approximate time at the waypoint. Example: “Arriving ~1:00PM CST 12/5 Leaving ~3:00PM” These notes will be shown clearly in the Announcement.

Add Waypoint

Event Details:

Comms Channels: List your comms channels in order of preference. Not all will have Ham, so you might list GMRS or others. You can also add your own if it is not listed.

Start Date and End Date: A time zone is required for each since overland travelers often move through timezones.

Repeat: If this is a repeating event, check the repeat box and you will be provided with different date and time options.

Region: Select your Overland Bound Region

Admins: You may add other Members as Admins in this field. If they are admins, they will be able to edit the event and invites.

Number of Rigs: How many vehicles are allowed.

Difficulty: Very Hard = Body Damage Likely Easy = Stock 4X4

Distance: Total distance of trip.

Required equipment: Check all required.

Terrain types: All types expected to experience the event.

Tags: Entered tags will return your event in related searches on the forums.

Map Files:

You may upload KML, GPX, or PDF files to help people navigate your trip. If uploaded, the download buttons will be enabled in the announcement.

Publish Rally Point:

After completing the details you will publish your event. No invites will be sent. In the next step, you will create and send invites.

Event Invites

Step 2 of 2 is to generate and send invites. One of the most powerful features of Rally Point is that it will automatically generate an invite list of Members in the area of your event.

RSVP Limit

Step 01: RSVP limit: First set the number of people who may RSVP to the event. This is different from number of rigs, because there could be multiple people in one vehicle. Choose a quick select option type in your own value. You may not type in a value greater than the invite limit of your Member account (usually 100).

Invite Distance:

Step 02: Invite Slider: Use the slider to set the invite distance around your location. Be conservative at first. A large radius may return a huge number of results depending on the location of the event.  The number of Members found will be displayed above the slider.

Step 03: Manual Entry: Type in the forum names of people you would like to be sure to invite regardless of location. They will take top priority regardless of your invite limit.

Step 04: Generate Invites: Select the “Generate Invites” Button. A list of invites will be generated at the bottom of the page. Once you have refined the list by selecting the dots next to names, you are ready to select the “Send Invites” button at the bottom of the page.

That’s It! 

A conversation (invite) will be sent to the invite list as a group. They will get a link to the event, a Rally Point  icon will be placed on the Member Map, and  a Forum Thread will be started for your event.

Rally Points in the Forums

Rally Point Thread in Forums

When you create an event, a thread is create automatically in the Overland Bound Meetups forum. Meetups and trips created with Rally Point have a Rally Point flag next to them.

Within the thread, there is a summary post by you, with event details. There is also a link to the Announcement so people can RSVP.

The posts in the forum thread and the posts on the Rally Point announcement are synced. They will be the same no matter where you post! Some folks prefer the announcement and some the forums. This insures the same information is shared in both places.

Rally Point is the only overland specific trip and event planner of its kind. Join events near you or create your own rigs-n-coffee type meetups, trips, or training sessions.

Automatically invite Members in the area to your event.