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Overland Drawer System Sleep Platform

overland drawer system

Our custom built overland drawer system is finally complete!

This has been quite the project!

If you are interested in the custom parts used in this build, go here: Drawer System Parts

Here are the final plans for the custom overland drawer system we built and installed in our 1996 FZJ80! We have included the SketchUp and Fusion 360 files for anyone wanting to modify this design for their expedition vehicle. A huge thank you to Parnell Pollioni for all of his help bringing this overland drawer system to life. 

These files allow for adjustable dimension design so you can make adjustments as needed for your vehicle. Parnell will create an online tutorial on how to modify the original design files, and we will upload to this page once it is complete. (Coming soon!)

Thank you to everyone who followed along on this project. Your feedback and input helped created every feature and detail of this system.

Downloadable Files

Below you will find three downloadable files.

  • Adobe PDF – Box Frame and Platform which also includes material suppliers list.
  • Fusion 360 – contains the 3D design for use with Autodesk Fusion 360: Download for free    This file is parametrically driven, meaning, you can change the dimensions to suit your vehicle, and the drawing will automatically update other dimensions.
  • 3D Step file  – a 3D exchange for mat for compatibility.

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