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Each overland rig is different. The vehicle platform depends on many factors. It’s is vital to consider the expectations of the vehicle carefully. You need to know many people it should support,  how many days you will travel, the expected range of travel without refueling, and what kind of terrain you will cross. These are just the basics. From there consider your level of creature comforts. That broadens the range of vehicle types even further.  At Overland Bound I’ve settled on a few parameters that are broad enough to include a wide range of styles and vehicles, but specific enough to separate you from the pack and insure the vehicle is rugged and capable enough to take you anywhere you may want to travel.


  • Reliable
  • Technical, or “Double Black Diamond” off road capability
  • Off-highway travel range of 400 miles with on board fuel
  • Support occupants for at least 10 days
  • Support light recreation such as hiking, fishing, camping
  • A full sized spare






The lift is 2.5″ Old Man Emu with 1″ spacers on the rear for leveling. This is a good “streetable” amount of lift, but I have to admit I bump against rocks a bit more than I prefer when fully loaded. You’ll see this if you’ve watched some of my videos. When I make my next suspension upgrade, My lift will be 4″ or 6″. I have no performance complaints with this setup.


  • Available at Slee Off Road:
  • Cost: $957.00 US
  • Heavy Load Kit
  • No drive line modifications needed



Slee Offroad


Joshua Tree 342

My tires are 35″ BF Goodrich KM2 mud tires. These tires I cannot speak highly enough. They are great. With standard gearbox and the FZJ80s 212HP, there was no notable performance degradation. I have about 50 miles on this set, and never a flat or a problem. You do need to rotate frequently. When crawling over snow, you can air these tires down as much as you want. Its a great tire!

These typically oversize tires feature aggressive tread lugs that bite into loose or muddy surfaces to provide maximum traction that helps propel the vehicle through muddy ruts and over slippery rocks. While many are branded with the M+S symbol and some are even pinned to accept optional metal studs to increase ice traction, their typical oversize applications, use of extra-large lugs and the absence of snow-biting sipes often challenges an Off-Road Maximum Traction tire’s on-road wintertime traction in slush, packed snow and on ice.


  • Cost: $321.00 US ea.
  • Street-able
  • Maximum Traction
  • Air-down to practically 0 psi


Tire Rack


This is the ARB Deluxe Bull Bar w/ Winch Mount. In my opinion, this is the only bumper for your overland rig. It is a replacement for your factory bumper with a manufactured fit to not just replace, but enhance your front protection. I have been hit to the front of my rig, into the ARB bumper with only scuffs, while the other vehicle was totaled. True story. I swear by it, and any overland rig I build will receive the ARB bumper treatment. You can see how the bumper is manufactured and tested on the ARB website.


  • $991.00 US
  • Recessed Indicators
  • Tow Points
  • Powdercoat Black
  • Antenna Mounts
  • Light Mounts
  • Winch Mount



Joshua Tree 114

Iwas rear-ended on the freeway by a small passenger car. The car was totaled. The rear bumper only received a small scuff. No damage, and the scuff buffed out. Other than the limb risers, the rear bumper is the hardware that sparks the most conversation. This is the Hanna Quality Dual Swing-out bumper. The bumper is AWESOME. The FJ80 has a pretty lousy departure angle, and having armor under the rear bumper is important. This bumper provides 1/4″ armor plate, and allows you to drag the rear over rocks as needed. Also, it has stock mounts for up to a 37″ spare and Hi-Lift jack. It provides side protection, and space for three 5 gallon Jerry cans. When open, the swingouts provide steps to climb on top of your roof rack. Unfortunately, I don’t believe these bumpers are made any longer – for an alternative I would check out ARBs rear swingout bumper.


  • $NA
  • Dual Swing-out
  • 3 Jerry cans
  • 37″ Spare tire mount
  • Plate armor
  • Hi-Lift Jack Mount
  • Side armor


Bumper Images


This is a pet peeve. You need REAL sliders! If your sliders have steps welded to them, you’re steps will get ripped off on the first trail you run. I’ve witnessed this a couple times. Do NOT buy sliders with steps! You need a strong and simple slider. Bolted is OK, welded is better. Sliders become a part of your suspension when on the trail. You will rest your sliders on a rock, and slide as you move forward (or back) all day long. Get a stout set of sliders that can hold your weight! I have Slee Sliders and they have served me well. The underside of my sliders are bare metal, then spray painted, then bare metal again. Use em!


  • $895 US
  • Rubicon Proven
  • U-Bolt Installation
  • 60% gloss powder coat finish.


Slee Sliders


The Gobi Ranger Roof Rack was the best rack I could find with the configuration I wanted. I’m not much into the “Stealth” options out there, and prefer higher rails. Also, I wanted something that would accommodate the Hella lights, and had the sunroof removable cutout. There really isn’t much else out there that fits this description. This rack is totally flat, and supports my weight. I walk on the roof rack on every trip. Follow the link to the Gobi web site for detailed information.


  • $1,499.00 US
  • Flat floor
  • light wiring built in
  • Optional axe and shovel mounts
  • Air dam included
  • Gobi will work with you for custom needs


Gobi Rack


Hella lights are my go-to for off-road durability. I’ve had these lights for a while now, and honestly, you may prefer an LED solution, but these lights are time tested, and have never failed me. There has never been any interior misting issues, or other problems.

Manufactured to Hella’s high standards with over 100 years experience in automotive lighting. Industry leader in precision optics. Unparalleled durability for off road use.


  • $134.99.00 US
  • Projects 2500 feet
  • Knurled knobs for tool-free adjustment
  • Pencil beam.


Hella Lights

Feb12 751

Limb risers keep big branches and brush from smackin against your windshield when you are plowing through the outback.

OK. How do you make your own limb risers? Here is a good method. Head on over to “Wild Yoats” (Button below) this is his mod. Easy. Cheap. Effective! If you have any questions, or want some better photos, just give me a holler. Make sure to thank Johnny Lange!


  • $40.00 US
  • Weatherproof
  • Adjustable
  • Clear branches up to ~3″


Limb Risers


Ican’t say enough about the Trasharoo. It will literally change your camping experience if you don’t have a solution like this. Not only is it large enough for a few days of trash, but it keeps your site clean, doubles as a carrier for other things, and you always know where it is! I keep my gas nozzle and a roll of extra trash bags at the bottom of the Trasharoo at all times.


  • $50.00 US
  • Carry up to 50 lbs.
  • High quality 900 denier canvas
  • Water resistant
  • Double stitched buckles and straps
  • Drain holes
  • Mesh elastic pockets and Molle straps
  • Fits up to a 40″ tire





Center Diff Lock

Landtank’s MAF Housing

ARB Safari Snorkel

Hood Anti Glare

Land Cruiser Bottle Opener

Gobi Rack Shovel & Axe Mount

Side Mirror Blinker

SandGrabba Floor Mats

Radio Ant.


  1. Hey Michael! I remember seeing a video you posted about your roof rack and black storage boxes but can’t find it. Can you help me find the link, or provide me with the details on your roof top storage boxes? Thanks friend!!

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  3. Hi Michael;

    Sorry to bother you as I know you are very busy on the “13 Day Road Trip 2018” so no rush, but when you have time. I need some direction on how to get the “Hanna Quality Dual Swing-out bumper”and especially that “3-Can” swing out setup as I am getting nowhere with online searches. Having only a 15 gal fuel tank on my “99” 4Runner leaves me at a great disadvantage. So I would like to carry at least as much extra fuel as in a “Fill Up”.

    As always, many thanks for all that you do for us and hope to Meetup sometime on one of you great adventures. Happy Trails 🙂