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Overland Bound Adventure Planner

Prepare yourself for adventure. Get outdoors. Outfit & Explore! We say this all the time because we believe exploring is necessary to go beyond merely surviving to THRIVING. Not just being ALIVE, but LIVING. It’s what Overland Bound is all about.

Loaded Rig
Overland Bound #0000 Loaded Up and Ready For Action

Overlanding allows us to venture down trails over distances long and short to experience campsites and vistas off the beaten path. Whatever we need we carry with us in our rig, whether it be a weekend jaunt to the mountains, or a two week journey through the desert. Overlanding makes the world accessible to everyone. Indeed, whatever the terrain and environment requires, we plan in advance and are prepared to travel safely and efficiently.

When we travel we consider three things on each trip:

  1. What are the essentials?
  2. What didn’t we have that we wish we had?
  3. What did we have that we didn’t need?

These questions will help you continually refine your list and make your packed gear or “kit” more efficient! Note taking during all stages of the journey helps to refine and improve your system over time.

Here is a Pro Tip: We spend so much time thinking about what we need, we often forget to consider what we don’t need! That list is even larger.

Michael and I have been planning and preparing overland trips together for years. Over the course of time (with trial and error) we have whittled down our planning, packing and trip list to a 4-page system that covers the basics.

And because I’m obsessive about the details and keeping all pieces of the puzzle as visible as possible, I designed and created a printable file that helps us focus and prepare for the next journey.  A few of our members have seen our adventure planner and they asked if we’d share it out to help them stay organized and prepared. We’re more than happy to oblige!

Overland Trip Planner


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