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Hello michael!

Glad to be a part of the overland bound team! From one content creator to another i was wonder if you would be will to check out my videos and let me know what you think and any tips you might have. I started my channel January 2019

Here is a link to my most recent video.


Hey there,

Wanted to put out some communication options in case you arrive late on Friday. I have a Beofeng handheld, but no HAM license yet. I'd be happy to set my beofeng to a certain frequency and keep it on, but I'd prefer to keep my transmissions to a minimum since I'm still unlicensed. We'll definitely be at one of the waypoints I put down at the map. .
Where are at in Canton? I lived in BridgeMill for years before moving to VA.
I'm in Rose Ridge Estates off of 140 (Brick Mill Road) just outside of Canton. Well, I'm technically in Canton but everything around me is unincorporated since we are an annexed subdivision. How long have you been gone? Canton has changed a LOT in the past three years.
Dunno know how to say this; traded in my KL Trailhawk and picked up an Outback XT Outdoor.
Hi hector I am in Long Island as well what time are you plan to leave tomorrow
Just did my first solo overland trip and inaugural trip for my new rig to Maine. Visited Baxter SP, North Maine Woods, Allagash Wilderness Waterway and KI Jo Mary. It was very enjoyable and beautiful. Looking forward going back. I learned a lot on this trip. There is not a lot on line about that area so if anyone want info for the future I'll be happy to share my experience and lessons learned as to where to go.
So Im getting rid of my 2001 XJ. Now I have a 2019 Rubicon completely stock. I am going to enjoy customizing the new JL as I am going to miss the XJ
are there events in MO that you go to? I joined overland bound earlier this year and haven't had much luck finding "beginner" off roading events. Let me know if you get a minute please.
New to this. Looking to build out my 2019 Chevy Trailboss. Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!