You have two weeks, where would you go

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Hey Guys/Gals, LOOOONG time lurker, figured id start splitting time between here Mud and Expo portal. I wanted to ask this group.

So 2 weeks off of work, where would you go? What would you do? Id love to hear where everyones head is.


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Trip up into northern Idaho run the Magruder trail from there head up into Banff and back down through Yellowstone... Explore and camp. Done and done!
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Baja! Great culture and tons of offroad/ racing history through the whole peninsula, also incredible food and people!

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Death Valley
Agreed. Just got back from a long weekend there over NYE. Far more to explore than I originally thought.

If I had two weeks and it were just my girlfriend and me, I'd do Death Valley and all of the area up 395 behind the Sierra-Nevada Mountains. It's closer to our home so it would allow more time for exploring and less time driving to get there.

If I had two weeks and I were meeting up with other people, I'd probably opt for Moab (we're heading there this summer actually - my brother and his family is towing his Jeep and my Dad and Mom just picked up a 2017 Jeep Rubicon Hard Rock that they're going to drive out there). Two day drive to get there for everyone though really cuts into the amount of time available.

Looking forward to hearing the other suggestions!


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Unless it was dead middle of winter, I'd head to Colorado/California and split time between parks and visiting my west coast Marine buddies.