Wilderness First Aid certification - Los Angeles / So. Cal area, March 30 - 31, 2019

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I'm not directly affiliated with Badlands Offroad training, but they are sponsoring a 2-day training class at the end of March and have some space remaining.

Here is a link to their site and some particulars if you have the time and inclination to be further prepared.

Badlands Offroad Adventures.

From Website:
Wilderness First Aid is a two day introduction to general medical concepts and Basic Life Support skills. It’s targeted to the outdoor enthusiast on day trips or short adventures. Taught by professional instructors with significant patient care and backcountry experience.

Course materials include the Outward Bound Wilderness First Aid text written by Jeff Isaac, WMA fold-out field guide, and WMA patient SOAP notes.

Wilderness Medicine differs significantly from standard Red Cross courses and other programs that are oriented toward the urban environment. This course teaches what to do with a medical emergency when help is miles away and calling 911 isn’t an option.

Students are prepared for emergency situations that involve prolonged patient care, severe environments and improvised equipment. The WFA clinic includes specific training and certification in Adult CPR and Anaphylaxis management.

Successful completion with certification is based on 100% attendance and a grade of 80% or better on final written exam. All students who successfully complete the Wilderness First Aid course will receive a Wilderness Medical Associates’ WFA certification card, and if applicable, Anaphylaxis and Adult CPR certifications cards. These certifications are valid for three years.

Badlands Off-Road Adventures is the sponsor of this class. We engage professional medical instructors from Wilderness Medical Associates, the certifying agency

I've signed up to re-up my certification and get some additional education.
Would be nice to see some OLB folks there.

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