Why ARB is a great company

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About a month ago I went to use my ARB fridge and it didn't get cold. It clearly wasn't working and there was no error light. I tried to remember when I bought it because it didn't seem like it was long ago. But after having two kids and a new job time flys and I found out I had bought it four years ago. This meant that it was almost a year out of warranty. So I thought it would be cheaper to try and fix it myself. So I checked and researched what could be wrong and looked into getting a new compressor. I had a friend of a friend come over and look at it and he said that the compressor was still running so the problem was most likely a refridgerant leak somewhere. After all my research everyone told me to send it back to ARB, because they take care of their customers. So I called and got a case number and sent it back. It cost me about $100 in packaging and shipping cost. After a few weeks I called ARB to see what was going on. They said simply that they can't fix it and are sending me a replacement. I said "that's great, how much is that going to cost?" They said "nothing." I was shocked. Today on my porch was a brand new 50qt ARB fridge!!! This is amazing customer support. This kind of customer service is almost impossible to find anymore. So if you're on the fence about what kind of fridge you want, this may tip the scale.