Who's in the Region?

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Lacey, WA
Hah, understandable. I'm actually enjoying Lacey, during my short tenure here. I have a short drive to the office, and the Olympic Peninsula is very accessible from here (which is quickly becoming my favorite place to explore).


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North Cascades, Washington
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Just dirt roads to go explore

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Welcome to Whidbey, I work on base there but live off the island. There's not much on the Island itself, most of it is private farms and the like. If you take hwy 20 east through Burlington you will get into the Cascade Mountains and lots of place to check out. Sedro-Wolley and Concrete both aces to forest roads. You can head north to Bellingham and out on mt baker hwy to lots of stuff, you can take the Port Townsend ferry south to the Olympic Penninsula and lots of stuff to see and do. I recommend picking up a gazetteer for Washington and checking out all the dirt roads. The east side of the cascades has a lot too. Winthrop, Wenatchee, Leavenworth and Ellensburg all have ready access to forest roads. They're is also the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route you can check out. Youre in a great area if you want to get out and explore.