What do you do for a living?

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I spent some quality time in South East Asia, South America and Rhodesia and then retired from the US Navy as an MM1 after 8 years. Then did 8 years as a contractor all over the world. I had a heavy equipment/welding business for 10 years and my last and best job was as an aviation photographer. I worked for all 5 branches of our military, "other" agencies, aircraft manufactures, munition manufacturers and 13 other countries. I liked everything I did but I loved flying and photography and they even paid me to do it.
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Race car mechanic/tire specialist in nascar for 8 years then a car chief and tire changer in IMSA sportscar racing. Although, now back in school majoring in business management to get a degree and find a different field/career path to learn and work in such as a defense vehicle build contractor, something with sustainability, or many other options