FOR SALE - West Tennessee - Gazelle T4 Hub Tent - Brand New - $330 - Local Pickup | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

FOR SALE West Tennessee - Gazelle T4 Hub Tent - Brand New - $330 - Local Pickup

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Trying local pickup for now. Long story short, I have a brand new Gazelle T4 that I'm hoping to sell for what I paid for it ($339, so actually a bit less). This is literally still in the box it shipped in. After Gazelle had been struggling to get inventory, I snagged this in September when they got a small shipment in, but hadn't had a chance to use before I was able to snag an overland edition at Expo East, so looking to sell this one.

As mentioned, I'm asking what I paid, so for now at least looking for local pickup as I imagine shipping wouldn't be cheap. Memphis area.