West Coast Friends, Help!

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Hey all,

I'm doing a little reconnaissance in prep for a huge cross country and back trip I'm planning on doing next summer. I'm from the east coast and haven't made my way out west yet. As such, I wanted to see if any of you guys knew of some awesome day trips or overnight or few day long trips out west.

Particularly interested in the following areas (all flexible though):

Denver, CO area.
Jackson, WY area.
Salt Lake City, Utah Area
Southern Oregon, Ashland, Klamath Falls, Medford Area.

If anyone knows of any awesome trips in those areas, or within an hour or two of those centers I would vastly appreciate any knowledge you guys can share. Also if anyone wants to plan to do some group trips next summer I'm looking at being out there around early June or so. I know that's really early but never to early to plan!
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I'm about 30 minutes north of salt lake. If you're coming from Denver on I-70 I would highly suggest hitting Moab area. Once you get closer north to SLC, American fork canyon has a lot of good scenery. On your way out of Utah you might want to check out bear lake. I personally love Oregon and Moab, I go for at least a week every year to both.


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Check out Hwy 82 out of Denver. That will take you west up the mountains to Twin Lakes and then farther up the Continental Divide. Yes, a paved route but it's a bucket list for sure.