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OutdoorX4 is proud to announce Jeepers International Magazine has officially launched and charter subscriptions are NOW available!

Jeepers International was created for the Jeep® enthusiast who craves an adventurous lifestyle. The magazine will focus on Jeep® vehicles and related activities with stories from all over the world, including tech tips, product reviews, vehicle spotlights, historical perspectives and adventure pieces.

This will be the most comprehensive Jeep® publication available, offered quarterly and by subscription ONLY in both print and digital. You can now pick-up a charter subscription by visiting www.jeepersinternational.com with subscriptions starting at $20 per year. Also, be sure to use coupon code jidecal to receive a limited edition Jeepers International round decal with your charter subscription. Issue 1 drops later this Fall!

And if you're now already familiar with OutdoorX4 Magazine, OutdoorX4 is a preeminent overland adventure lifestyle print magazine now in its fifth year. Overland Bound members get a 10% discount on all subscriptions by using coupon code overlandbound on our website at www.outdoorx4.com so sign up today!


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I signed up for a 2 year subscription and got 1 issue. Website says issue 2 is out, but I haven’t got it. Anyone get theirs?