Vintage survival literature

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Thanks to parents who love reading and a father who is a outdoorsman I have built over a span of 20 years quite a library of old survival text. I will going forward start posting books I have relied on for not only tips but anecdotes for the outdoor lifestyle. I have found some of these theories to be both antiquated and timeless. If nothing else they are a good read when time and weather prevent us from our pursuits and at other times well, sometimes the old ways are the best.
A recent move has my library in storage but as I dig out I will post and I encourage others if inclined to do the same, one can never learn enough about the wilds and survival.
It's my belief that even with all our modern overlandig kit at some point it will be a old story or skill that will make the difference.


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I like forward to seeing what you've collected, @lubootgator

My all-time favorite outdoor camping guide is still Colin Fletcher's 1974 classic The Complete Walker It is more than just a backpacking book, with tips on everything from crapping in the woods to first aid, walking sticks, and a thousand other things, all with Fletcher's unique "voice" bleeding though.
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I like to rely upon my animalistic instincts.. (Blue = Sarcasm lol)

I look forward to seeing what you post!!