Vehicle and trailer Transport

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Need help finding a company to transport my 77 Bronco and attached 11' trailer from Myrtle Beach SC to Flagstaff Az. Anyone have experience doing something similar? Any help appreciated.

David C Gibbs

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The first thing any transport Company wants to know is, length, Total Weight, Delivery Time line, and is there a "receiving Agent" - someone who will sign the receipt of Bill of Lading. Take the Bronco with Trailer to a Commercial Scale, weigh both the Bronco & Trailer. You want to know Length, Width, height of both. I've used several different companies to move LandCruisers. Google "RiteWay Auto Transport" they will give to a Quote. Find Someone in Flagstaff willing to take Delivery and Sign the Bill of Lading. Let me know if you need more info...
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I've had good luck using UShip and finding my own transportation. I've usually selected independent contractors with insurance to take my vehicles on smaller, single level trailers. It costed more, but it was safe.