Useful Plan B for camping in private land

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Let's face it, sometimes even with eyes wide open on the tracks, iOverlander, park4night and other ressources, it can be a pain to find a spot to sleep in the wild.

I usually try to find plan B spots on to avoid "regular " campings as i kinda hate them unless they are tiny / unpopulated.

Gamping is airbnb for gardens : people renting for a few euros a spot in their garden, park, land, well, private land where you can camp. Some will provide a barbecue, a shower and toilets, electricity, others nothing but the land. And sometimes it helps a lot when you want to feel in the wild but are not really sure you can take the risk.

Here is the link to their website set up in english. Down below you can set the language to french or spanish : Discover Gamping! (Private camping rentals)

(i have zero link to this company and only provide their link because i think it can help)
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Thanks Angus! Appreciate you sharing this. I’m combing through the listings this morning dreaming about being on the road.