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Usal Rd noob questions!

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Hey everyone! I've been looking to go to Usal Rd/Shelter Cove for a long time now but I'm still not really sure what to expect.

How many miles is Usal Rd? I have heard it take 40-60 mins depending on your speed and size of crew? Are there any narrow areas where I may have to reverse? Is the road ever too narrow for comfort?

How difficult is this trail? This is probably a stretch, but I've heard a 2wd vehicle can make this trail, true or false? Not on the sand of course, ha.

Is it open the first day of Spring or will they give a date once it is known to be safe?

Is it true you can access the beach from the highway and do not have to use Usal Rd? I would assume Usal Rd takes you to a much more secluded area of the beach? We will be partying and I don't want to bother others.

Is Shelter Cove where everyone drives to after Usal Rd beach? (Is there a name to this beach?) How long is the drive from Usal Rd to Shelter Cove? Is there a gas station to fill up at before you hit Usal Rd? Is there anything to stop and see in the middle, or others places to stop and camp before Shelter Cove? From the photos I have seen Shelter Cove is a campground, is that correct? Is there a more open area to camp there to avoid disturbing others?

I hope I covered everything, thank you for your time!


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I was there in February so I can say that the road was pretty manageable ruts and washboard sections , only went to usal beach itself never traveled to shelter cove. I really enjoyed it stay in the trees though due the wind several nice spots get there as early as you can on weekends will get fairly crowded,weekdays are best . Nice beach great sunset hope to go again in August

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