Transfer is official.......Lone Star state, next stop!

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The last 6 months have been very stressful, not knowing where we would be stationed. That long stressful wait is over and West Texas is the new location, Big Spring to be exact. This will be a quick move and I have a report date of July 10, 2016. That is the date I go on their roles and depart Virginia. We are very excited! So looking forward to small town Texas and the peace and quite it will bring, especially after almost 4 years in Northern VA and commuting to DC everyday..............The last time we were stationed in Texas was 2001-2003 and we were in a small town about 50 miles south of San Antonio, however the West Texas area is quite a bit different from San Antonio. We have been researching properties for several weeks "unofficialy", since we had to wait on the "official list" to be posted. During that time we looked at rentals, new construction, etc. We were pretty much set on new construction, until ......I was looking at houses again and found our new home. Only seen on the internet, from my chair in VA, we told our realtor to draw up a contract, we knew it was perfect. Ranch style built in 1965, all redone. On 7 acres in the middle of West Texas oil fields with our closest neighbor approximately a mile away..........I said it was perfect! No more issue of the jeep or truck with awning or roof top tent not fitting in the garage. It has a 40x60 shop with 12 and 14 foot high doors, as well as another 20x40 shop, all electric. Contract has been signed.

Looking forward to starting our new Texas life!

Pic of the property..

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40 x 60 Shop ! AND a 20 x 40 shop !

Man, what a nice setup. I lived in Texas as a teenager for a minute. Fredricksburg, it was close to Luckenbach.

I LOVE Texas.

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