Trails and Camping Suggestions Quachita National Forest AR

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Looking for some routes and camping spots in the Ouachita National Forest for March. Taking my wife and 2 young girls on a family camping trip. My brother lives in Hot Springs so we are familiar with that area but have never been to the forest. We will probably start from Hot Springs and would like to drive some trails, see some scenery and camp for a night or two.

I have been studying the National Forest Service interactive map. Not sure if camping is only allowed in certain designated spots. Not looking for trails that are too difficult since we will be alone. I have a TRD Off Road 4runner so we can handle quite a bit if needed. I'm also not looking to drive for hours-on-in before camping since my kids and wife will just get bored.

Any suggestions?


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look around the little Missouri falls / Albert Pike area. Some good trails around, the little Missouri and the creek is very pretty. Lots of roads to travel and most are not too serious, pretty maintained. Most the camping is off a trail etc not too many "actual campsites" more or less find a spot and camp. You cannot camp in the Albert Pike area. The winding staircase is a good easy hiking trail.