Tow strap vs lift strap/sling

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Hey guys, my first time posting on here. I was wondering if these straps I have are adequate for vehicle recovery. While doing some research I found that picture that said lifting straps are for vehicle recovery but people on other forums say tow straps are better for recovery. Am I missing something? Sorry if this is a dumb question. Screenshot_20190514-214018.pngIMG_20190515_193404.jpgIMG_20190515_193323.jpgIMG_20190515_193435.jpgIMG_20190515_193422.jpg

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Those should be fine. They are actually rated. Some of the no name off sore straps are not. Keep in mind, those ratings are the "working load limit" so, for the use of pulling a vehicle off an obstacle, they are good.

I have one of those endless loops. it's a great unit, lots of options. It can double as a tree saver, loop it around a tube bumper or slider or, My favorite is you can loop it around a tire to secure a vehicle from sliding sideways, or use it to pull as a last resort if there isn't an anchor point where you need.



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Tow straps DO work when in a situation and you need to get someone out of something. Just please keep in mind they are stiff with no stretch as madcratebuilder mentioned. This could potentially cause unwanted jerking during the recovery and cause damage to parts if not done properly. The ones you have are slings (recovery straps) so they work great and are recommended for pulling people out.