Toronto - Mississauga Area Meetup

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Get together with like-minded people to talk about our sport of overlanding, trips, rigs and trails.

Toronto/Mississauga Meetup - March 23 at 10 am
Bass Pro - Vaughan Mills
1 Bass Pro Mills Dr, Concord, ON L4K 5W4, Canada

43°49\'30.6\"N 79°32\'37.8\"W

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Is the plan to use bass pro as a meeting location? I ask because I have to bring my rescue dog if I am going to make it. He isn't ready to stay home alone. Let me know. Thx.
Hi Sean...we will meet at the far end of the Bass Pro parking lot which will allow the rigs to be parked with minimum disruption to patrons of the mall. All OB members including rescue mutts are welcome :smile:


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Yesterday's meet was great! Had a great time meeting new friends and seeing everyone's rigs. I did take a few photos. I'm wondering where I should post them... Any thoughts?
It looks like the Rally Point page is down, now that the event has passed. (Or I can't find it at least.) I could post a link to an album in this thread, but I didn't want to bury it...

Let me know if there's a good place for this link! Thanks.