The Starter Guide to Gear and Equipment Needed for Overlanding

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**Updated to include a .zip excel file that can be used/modified by anyone**

Hello all,

The idea of loading up your mode of transportation and getting out to view the world is intriguing. But one question always comes up; What do I need to take?

This is version 2 of a comprehensive checklist of the pieces of gear and equipment I use to prepare for trips. This list has been complied by my past learning experiences, lists other have provided, reference material and the all important "what I see others do" while I am travelling. You will be amazed that just by watching others you can learn a lot.

Things to remember when packing are the trip location, conditions, duration, your skill level and the availability of assistance you may require if something goes wrong. Therefore this list is a guide used to determine what I take for each trip. Over time, as most can attest, it all becomes second nature and you will determine what you need depending on the trip. With that said, I still use the checklist because every time I don't, I forget something.

I try to consider myself a minimalist when I go on the road. I like to have the flexibility to pick up and move without feeling like I am moving. At the same time I like my comfort items. So depending on the requirements of the trip I will pack differently for each. Additionally, I have built my vehicle around some of these minimalist principles, like having an awning that has walls to eliminate the tent and building a trailer specifically to meet my needs of longer trips. There are always a few key items that go on each trip - navigation/messaging system, recovery items, maintenance items and sleeping gear.

Please feel free to review the attached PDF. I am always open to recommendations and comments. I have no problem explaining my decisions if you have a question. I would like to refine this list by using an interactive approach to updates; so please send recommendations and comments. eventually I would like to create multiple lists that are based on some of the above trip criteria to assist newer individuals in getting out there faster.


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His list looks really long but we camp together all the time and he has 3 times less stuff than I do.

My one suggestion is to reformat your PDF so it can be printed on standard paper.

I'm the guy that complains about all of my gear stinking of smoke. Reference note 2. [emoji15] but all kidding aside there are so many fire restrictions in AZ and out west the CFIC is a nice compromise. It can also be placed safely under a awning to trap the heat.

I am also a firm believer in reviewing what I take each trip and noting what I don't use. Other than emergency and recovery gear I keep trying to thin stuff out. But hey if you camp with me I'm the guy with 3 of everything and can help you out when you forget to pack something.


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Just got back from a trip, planning another, just about to start my own checklist. Thanks for sharing yours and for sharing the .xlsx version.