The Mild Build and Adventures of Tuesday - 2016 4Runner

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Current looks (26JUN16):

Picked her up in mid-April. Grew up driving a Tacoma and a couple Siennas, as well as learned stick on an FJ Cruiser, so I felt like it was time to return to the Toyota family. After a brief stint in a LX470, wanted something a little more modern for my DD. Wanted a mostly trail ready vehicle, but knew I would spend most of my time on the road, so ended up with a '16 Classic Silver Trail Edition Premium with KDSS.

Named Tuesday, as I name all of my vehicles with questionable names.

For reference: The (stock Moab) '13 Wrangler Unlimited I had was named Wendi...she liked to take her top off.

Don't have an obligatory stock photo...whoops.

Closest I have is 246 miles on the clock when she got new shoes.

New to the off-road/overlanding scene, coming from the muscle car life.

Mild build thread, not going too crazy...yet.

Current Mods (in order of install):

Waiting for Install
  • Brown Santa can't come quick enough...(UPS joke...)

On Order

Recovery/Misc Gear - Any additional recommendations on the needs/nice to have would be welcome!

Thinking about...
  • Undercover Hidden Winch
  • MTN4RNR/Upper Grill Style LED Lightbar Placement - Lightbar recommendations appreciated, although I'm leaning to Baja Designs, as I like the amber back-lighting, instead of running separate ambers.
  • A utility rack - recommendations welcome!

Slow build for the sake of my wallet, but will update with mods and adventures.

Please excuse any redundancies, as this is a crosspost.
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Nice rig! Looking forward to it evolving! Saw you are getting a CG hitch cover, what rate and where are you stationed? I was in for 4 years at Indian River Inlet, DE.

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